Does my current phone system give my business what it needs?

If it is based on old technology, probably not. Your competitors will react faster and appear more professional with the latest in communications software. Our solutions deliver the capabilities that allow you to keep up with or overtake the competition.

  • Future Proofed Technology
  • Assured reliability 99.999% uptime
  • Reduced costs with built in minutes allowance


Voice over internet protocol, often shortened to VoIP allows employees to take an office phone home and still be connected to the office phone system. All calls made will show the caller ID of the office system.


the emerging standard for telephony. In an IP world most systems are moving towards using SIP telephony. From 2025, ISDN will no longer be available, so the need to plan for the future starts now.

Keep your Number

If you move to SIP trunking, it is more than possible that you can keep your existing number, whilst increasing the capacity to handle more calls at a reduced rental cost. You also have the ability to add Non-Geo numbers to extend busines reach


do you or your staff need to be contacted whilst on the road. Acheive feature parity on your mobile device with your deskphone


If you do miss a call, voicemail messages can be recorded with a personal greeting. The message can then be sent to your mobile device in the form of an email.

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