Call Centre and Unified Comunications



Call Centre is an advanced telephony feature that allows a business to better manage its incoming calls, and to ensure that these calls are answered by the correct personnel.


           Allow agents to control how they advertise their availability for receiving calls

  • Specialised dashboards to better manage Agent calls
  • Queue inbound calls, and play announcements / estimated waiting times to the callers
  • Define busy, out of hours, holiday and emergency failover responses
  • Report on the availability and productivity of agents.
  • Define the skill levels of your agents for skills based routing (Premium only)



There is no need for expensive on-premise call recording, this capability is embedded within the cloud platform and can be switched on for particular lines or particular users.


  • User-defined recording for inbound or outbound, external and internal calls
  • Recordings are retained for 6 months as standard (with an option to extend)
  • Simple storage, search, download and playback of calls
  • Fully FSA compliant



Call Reporting enables you to obtain a full picture of your inbound and outbound call history so you can manage your business communications.


  • Powerful GUI enables you to define and run reports
  • Comprehensive range of standard reports
  • Ability to tailor reports for your specific needs
  • Leverage account codes to enable customer billing
  • Schedule reports to be sent automatically to you by email
  • Select from a wide range of charts and graphs




Auto-Attendant provides the ability to automate the management of inbound calls using voice prompts to identify which services are required and directing the call appropriately.


  • Direct calls to specific extensions
  • Look up individuals in the corporate directory


Unified Communications

A UC Client is a desktop application that helps you integrate your telephone activity with the rest of your business processes. UC users can access their contacts more easily, and can identify the context of incoming calls more effectively, leading to a boost in productivity and efficiency.

When integrated with CRM, accounting or ticketing systems, UC users can instantly pop the relevant contact records to perform essential tasks more quickly.


UC users can also use the integral Telephone Presence dashboard to see the real-time telephone status of their colleagues, and can instantly identify when these users are not available to take calls. 




Receive an alert on your desktop to notify you that you are making or receiving a call. If the called/calling number is on your Address Book, then you will also see your contact’s name.



Automatically access your MS Outlook Contact Cards for Call Preview, and enable click-to-dial within the MS Outlook desktop application.



Open up lists of contacts from other 3rd party applications for Call Preview, Click-to-Dial and Screen Pop. Supported applications include common CRM packages such as ACT, Salesforce, Sage and MS Dynamics.



Report your current telephone status to your fellow  UC users, and access a dashboard showing the current telephone status of these users.



Push your telephone status so that it is visible to your MS Skype for Business environment. Dial fellow Skype users on their listed telephone numbers from the Inclarity platform.



Enable your preferred desktop web browser so that any telephone numbers you see can be dialled with a single click. Copy any number from any screen or

application to your clipboard, so that it can be dialled with a single click.



Automatically access customer details and presenting these along with the telephone call to enable a more professional service.



Provide a real time view to each user showing who is available and so enable them to reach the right expert first time.



Making business telephony much easier to use and provide each user with the ability to work the way they want to work.

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