Enterprise Grade IP Solutions for the Small Business

Do you need to communicate between multiple sites, or even allow employees to work from home?, then this low cost high performance solution is for you.


  • Reduced line rentals from as little as £5 per user a month
  • Very low CAPEX, (no on site hardware)
  • Free site to site calls
  • Easily configure Adds Moves and Changes (MAC's)
  • Scalable (from 1 endpoint to 000's)
  • Choice of Phones


  • Flexible and Comprehensive Call Routing, inc Auto Attendant and Call Queues
  • Multiple call handling
  • Use existing data cabling and Broadband connection
  • Voicemail for all users-messages forwarded to Smartphones
  • Choice of Handsets
  • Call Recording (optional)
  • Keep existing telephone number
  • On-line billing

If you are a Start Up or Small Business with a need to reduce cost , but increase customer contact, a Cloud solution may be for you

Why not get a no obligation quotation, with line rentals from as little as £5 per month

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